Desolation Row Revisited

by QunQ

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released April 22, 2014

Produced by S Foye & Robert Cheek

All songs written and performed by QunQ:
Heywood: Guitar, vocals
Hardy: Drums
Foye: Bass, etc.

Additional contributors:
Mercado: Piano on 6
Cheek: Guitar on 6
Rainbow Jackson: Gang on 5

1 & 6 recorded at Red Room and Ex Ex Studios, Seattle WA by Robert Cheek
all others recorded at Day Cave, Los Angeles CA by S Foye
mixed and mastered by S Foye at The Perch, Culver City CA

Image created by Jessica Tosoc

Layout: BigVis

Thanks to whomever.



all rights reserved


QunQ Los Angeles, California

Heywood / Guitar.Vocals
Foye / Bass
Hardy / Drums


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Track Name: House of Exes
There are those who fall behind. I have tried to save them. But you can't change people's minds.
Track Name: HYP
Yeah, I know. I told you that I knew what I was doing, but I don't. If we're alone, I'll admit that I am nervous, but I won't lie to your face and tell you that I believe. The idea of god is not about answers, but control. Right about now I'm feeling pretty out of control. It's my time to be out of control. It's our time to be out of control.
Track Name: Vultures and Dogs
If twenty-one is for searching, then thirty-one is all about compromise. So let's drink ourselves wasted and wake up depressed. How the fuck are we surprised? If I'm voting mustard seeds, how's it all I elect is doubt? Asking my friends what they believe only to find out that I'm a dog hunting for a bone buried underground. They're all vultures pecking at my flesh. They circle around. Get down on your knees and work for your dinner. Yeah.
Track Name: Two Americas
Yeah, we're not the same. You got to be wealthy or a yesman to play their game. No, I don't agree. It's not a choice if it's a choice between you and me. So who's to say what side I'm on? I know it's not yours. Two Americas on Capitol Hill speak for me, they never will. Two Americas on Capitol Hill don't work for me, they never will. So who's to say what side I'm on? I know it's not yours.
Track Name: Die Sunlight
I don't mind what you said to me. You're not that interesting. So bury dreams in Leeds, somewhere far away from me. Fall off what you wanted to be; everybody falls off. Fall off, you lost what you wanted to be. Everybody falls off.